Variable Resistor Potentiometers

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Basic Info
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Variable Resistor Potentiometers — 3Д-модель SolidWorks

These are backup Solidworks CAD files for Variable Resistor Potentiometers that  use when designing electronics.

List of components:

Amplitude Knob

Coarse Knob

Fine Knob

Photo Resistor GL5528

Potentiometer and Knob Assembly

Potentiometer B1К Ohm

Potentiometer B1M Ohm

Potentiometer B2K Ohm

Potentiometer B5K Ohm

Potentiometer B10K Ohm

Potentiometer B20K Ohm

Potentiometer B50K Ohm

Potentiometer B100K Ohm

Potentiometer B250K Ohm

Potentiometer B500K Ohm

Potentiometer Knob BLUE

Potentiometer Knob GREEN

Potentiometer Knob PURPLE

Potentiometer Knob RED

Potentiometer Knob WHITE

Potentiometer Knob YELLOW

Rotary Precision Potentiometer 1К Ohm 10-Turn

Rotary Precision Potentiometer 10K Ohm 10-Turn

Rotary Precision Potentiometer 100 Ohm 10-Turn

Rotary Precision Potentiometer 500 Ohm 10-Turn

Thermistor 502 5K

Trimmer Potentiometer 101

Trimmer Potentiometer 102

Trimmer Potentiometer 103

Trimmer Potentiometer 104

Trimmer Potentiometer 105

Trimmer Potentiometer 201

Trimmer Potentiometer 202

Trimmer Potentiometer 203

Trimmer Potentiometer 204

Trimmer Potentiometer 205

Trimmer Potentiometer 304

Trimmer Potentiometer 501

Trimmer Potentiometer 502

Trimmer Potentiometer 503

Trimmer Potentiometer 504

Trimmer Resistor 1К Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 1M Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 2K Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 5K Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 10 Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 10K Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 20 Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 20K Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 25K Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 50 Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 50K Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 100 Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 100K Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 200 Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 200K Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 500 Ohm

Trimmer Resistor 500K Ohm

Variable Resistor Potentiometer 1Kfi

Variable Resistor Potentiometer 10KO

Variable Resistor Potentiometer 100KO