Swivel castor with rubber tire SC 75

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Basic Info
Industrial castors
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Swivel castor with rubber tire SC 75 — 3Д-модель Parasolid

SC 75 Industrial swivel wheel

Black rubber. Diameter 75 mm. Permissible load of 50 kg.

Industrial swivel wheels are installed to give the equipment maneuverability. Swivel wheels for trolleys are usually located on the handle side, which allows you to freely control the trolley.

Industrial wheel bearings are made of sheet steel by stamping. The tire is made of environmentally friendly rubber. The wheels of the industrial series are equipped with a wheel bearing, which allows you to evenly distribute the load throughout the hub.

A wide temperature range from - 20 ° to + 50 °, due to the use of special lubricants, allows you to operate the wheels for trolleys not only in warehouses, but also on the street.