Heavy-duty wheel support FCp46 d100mm (C-4107-DUS-100)

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Heavy-duty wheel support FCp46 d100mm (C-4107-DUS-100) — 3Д-модель Parasolid

The heavy-duty wheel rim of the DUS series (FCp46) is cast iron and coated with a protective varnish layer. The contact layer is burgundy polyurethane.

The use of non-rotating heavy duty FCp46 polyurethane wheels is associated with a constant negative impact on the mechanisms of the external environment. In order for the wheel support to have a smooth and soft ride throughout the entire service life, the rotary unit is equipped with a lubricating nipple. The hub is equipped with a nipple press.

The axial mechanism of the wheel uses a roller bearing. Wheel support (bracket) - welded, made of steel 6 mm thick.

The FCp46 polyurethane heavy-duty non-rotating wheel support platform has four holes for bolting to the wheelbarrow base, trolley and other transport structures.

Operating temperature from - 35 ° С to + 70 ° С. Wheel supports of this series are widely used indoors with rough floors, in warehouses, factories, etc. They are used for platform trolleys, safes, cabinets and heavy industrial equipment.